Solvency MOnitoring INformation

This system is used by companies and multinational corporations to the initial screening of his new business partner. System on-line draws from 31 sources that are updated regularly and look for negative information about companies. The system is designed to pull together a database of collection agencies, detective agencies and companies to prevent the emergence of bad debts of insolvent companies and the incursions of white horses.

The system has multiple uses, both for claims administrators and workers collecting or detective agencies or agents. It’s not just the initial search for negative information, but a parallel procedure for dealing with claims. The system isn´t only as a precaution, but as a helper, which allows interaction between users for the purpose of the draft process. In the recent past, we know that banks or leasing companies also have their system in the categorization of borrowers and they shall exchange information, to avoid bigger losses.

We believe that the negative experience gained, will contribute their problems and in returnm will protect you in the initial screening by other users.

INMOS system can help you in these directions:

  • limit the emergence of new claims
  • in case of problems seek credit
  • to immediately enforce your claim
  • sale of assets or entire portfolios
  • acquisition of strategically important partners in the joint process of recovery
  • prevention (protection potential creditor)

The system can be tested for: